50's Retro with SMEG

SMEG is an amazing Italian manufacturer of adorableness. If I were to ever stray from Stainless Steel or a freaky pop out of my wall claytronics kitchen - this is the route I would take. And in this very moment, it may surpass both options. I just want a ridiculously cute fridge...

A Smeg fridge in action, from {ApartmentTherapy}

funnest fridge...ever?

pretty oven, make me food. 

This is a laundry machine. Whaaat??

and a dishwasher...holy moly.

My new fireplace.

Santa Monica Place

The boy & I took a trip down to the newly renovated Santa Monica Place last week. Having seen the mall morph from an indoor 80's atmospheric mall into a contemporary outdoor shopping space was pretty impressive. I was obsessed with their outdoor seating, although I couldn't get a snapshot of any of it (nor could I find any good shots online). Growing from the ground were amazing white cushioned pods, and wood paneled / white cement leaf-shaped benches that made the aesthetic of sitting even pleasing to look at. (And I tested one out - comfy!)

I went at night, so I haven't gotten the full daytime effect, but I can only imagine that the experience holds up. I haven't been a big fan of the 3rd Street Promenade the past five years or so, as it's normally filled with crazy street performers and a bizarre crowd - and while that is still there - this was a very much need revitalization of the area. Maybe they can get down to the actual beaches now and clean those up (errryuck).

The below image of the space barely does it justice. The shapes and curves of the building along with all the materials used was really quite beautiful.


Nema Workshop

A few weeks ago a couple of sites had posted this amazing coffee shop designed by Nema Workshop that I fell in love with. The idea of turning a room on its side is genius and whoever conceptualized this project is brilliant.

And then discovered some more of Nema's work ... and now I'm pretty much ready to move in.

wood wall. that's all i have to say about that.

sci fi kitchen

my favorite.

floors + walls = love.


Wednesday Bath: Wallflower Architecture & Design

The Future!

I remember when I was young and living way back in the 80's I was asked to depict the year 2000 through a drawing. When the double aughts rolled around, my astronaut family hanging out in outer space didn't exactly come to fruition. I'm not really too upset by the fact that I'm not living in zero gravity - but I think I might be a bit let down if the below doesn't happen. When I first saw Michaël Harboun's Living Kitchen I thought my mind was going to explode. His future kitchen is fascinating, innovative and apparently (somehow, someday) possible - which is absolutely crazy. He believes that through the use of claytronics (an advanced robotics system which is able to communicate with itself) a blank white wall can be converted into a fully functional kitchen. Need a sink? Pull it out of the wall, and draw a basin to your liking, turn the basin into a cutting board, the cutting board into a bowl, the bowl into a colander, the colander into your dinner plate. It's freaky and weird and I want one as soon as possible.


Blue Valentine Trailer

Taking a break to discuss something that I'm overwhelmingly excited for. Blue Valentine. Two of the best young actors of today, I think. Ryan Gosling from Breaker High and Michelle Williams from Dawsons Creek. Yessss. This makes me want to be amazing.