The Future!

I remember when I was young and living way back in the 80's I was asked to depict the year 2000 through a drawing. When the double aughts rolled around, my astronaut family hanging out in outer space didn't exactly come to fruition. I'm not really too upset by the fact that I'm not living in zero gravity - but I think I might be a bit let down if the below doesn't happen. When I first saw Michaël Harboun's Living Kitchen I thought my mind was going to explode. His future kitchen is fascinating, innovative and apparently (somehow, someday) possible - which is absolutely crazy. He believes that through the use of claytronics (an advanced robotics system which is able to communicate with itself) a blank white wall can be converted into a fully functional kitchen. Need a sink? Pull it out of the wall, and draw a basin to your liking, turn the basin into a cutting board, the cutting board into a bowl, the bowl into a colander, the colander into your dinner plate. It's freaky and weird and I want one as soon as possible.

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