Pretty lady, pretty hair.

I have become somewhat obsessed over Carey Mulligan these past couple of months. Saw her in Never Let Me Go and she proved to be pretty amazing. I say this and have yet to see An Education which is supposed to be ridiculously incredible. Needless to say - I think she's a super talent - and even more importantly - she has the best hair. Ever. I want it. I want my face to be her face so that I could have her hair. Can we work on that science?...the whole face borrowing thing?

Mod Cloth Love

If only I had a fancy party to go to... I would be shopping up a storm over at modcloth.com !


Electrolux Design Lab

Electrolux holds an annual competition for industrial design students to come up with technologies and creative ideas for the future of household appliances. It seems out of everything home related, people are mostly interested in the design of the kitchen - how to make it green, how to make things more efficient and  how to make you feel like you are living in a sci fi movie.

This fridge, which seems to be the fan favorite of the competition, looks like it was created by  Nickelodeon to promote sliming. (In actuality it was created by Yuriy Dmitriev from Russia) Breaking the non-stick surface which encapsulates your food, the "fridge" suspends your treats in their own random personal space. Apparently the surface deflects UV rays and anything else that could degrade your food at a rapid pace. This means no doors, no dripping water, or escaping cold air. Just a creepy goo-front loading food keeper.  Or use it as a punching bag...

The Snail below was the big winner - heating a pot or pan wherever you like - adjusting temperatures and cooking times depending upon what's in your pot.

Then my favorite, hang up your clothes and they're instantly washed. The Clean Closet (by Michael Edenius) detects impurities and through molecular technology, removes odors and dirt. If laundry never had to exist again, my life would be so very happy.

{via Electrolux and Dornob}