Photobooth Inspiration

It's happening. A photobooth will be had at our upcoming wedding. It took some convincing from the boy, but if I'm able to pull off the simple, calming, neutral backdrop in this photo - we are a go with the ribbon curtain of fun.

Pretty Prettiness from Free People

I'm going to have to start coming up with better Blog titles with the abundance of prettiness out there, however this struck me as particularly beautiful. Green Crystal pendant from Free People. So pretty - it's sold out.


Bringin it back

After a year off from blogging on Blogger, I'm bringing it back, old school style. I made an attempt to carry my blogging on within Tumblr, however I am feeling that right now good old fashioned Blogger is going to treat me the best. I'm going to be revamping things, as over the past year I became engaged and have become consumed with all things weddings...in the best of ways I suppose. It has ignited a bit event design and paper good passion which I hope to explore on here. Along with that I have become an avid pinner on Pintrest, so there will surely be plenty of Pinnable images that will pop up on here, thanks to that amazing community. My love of the blogging world has only since grown from the last time I stopped by, so I'm excited to start anew.


Creative Chandeliers

I was looking at AOL this evening (waiting for Trick or Treaters - which so far has just meant watching the World Series and eating candy in my PJ's) and ran across this gem of a chandelier... just the treat made of treats I wanted to see! Entirely made of gummi bears...

It got me thinking what other crazy chandeliers might exist out there. And there were some CRAZY ones I came across, but I actually really like the design aesthetic of all of these winners below:

This monstrosity is made of the thing every man would fear. Yep. It's a whole bunch of tampons. 

I know it's not really a DIY, made from unique materials, but I love this chandelier and would have it hanging in my office any day!

Pretty great for a designers office - epson ink cartridges.

For the music lover... a lamp made from old gramophones. 

Plastic hangers. Not so sure how this just doesn't melt. 

Paper clips. Brilliant. 

Light bulbs!

Not that I'm a total Apple-head (ok maybe I am - but I don't hate a PC!) But you have to appreciate their materials and clean lines - even in their packaging. This is made from all Apple material styrofoam. Even their garbage looks good!


Delicious and Candy Coated

Yummy candy coated jewels and shelving!!
I came across Konzuk many a month ago when I was obsessing over finding the ultimate amazing ring with my boyfriend. (No, not wedding rings, although I saw many a picture of people using these as their wedding bands and I will say - I'm not opposed). I adore these stainless steel and powder coated rings and they come in all sorts of super fun colors. They also have a beautiful line of necklaces & bracelets with the same look. It's happy jewelry. 

Malagana created the topsy turvy color lined shelves, (or to get specific - the Equilibrium bookcase). I want to go to there...in blue please. Many thanks to {CONTEMPORIST} for bringing the bookcases to my attention.