Fire it up!

In the middle of our living room growing up we had an enormous TV. Having been an avid TV watcher, I appreciated it was always at my disposal. However, I know that really all my mom ever wanted to do was throw that TV out the window and put in a beautiful fireplace in that big gaping hole. Every couple of holiday seasons she if forced to replenish the warn out Fireplace DVD that has become aged due to the constant loop it runs on from Thanksgiving to Christmas. You might not think a fireplace is the most practical household item to desire when you are living in South Florida- but now that I'm all grown up I understand the comfort and coziness the fireplace brings...and more than anything I wish I could get my mom a nice new chic fireplace to replace that big ole TV. (or at least upgrade to a high def television so that DVD is nice and clear. Do they make fireplace Blu Rays?)

The Mauna Kea Fireplace {via FurnitureFashion}

Bring it with you wherever you go!
 Brasa Fireplaces - and since no installation is needed- they're pretty cheap!

A Candice Olson room...she can do no wrong. 

Um...what?? Beautiful and Eco friendly! {via EcoSmart Fires}

It looks like art, or a mirror, but it's fire. Another Candice room...
For outside with friends...{via YankoDesign}

Linear fireplace, in my bathroom? Yes, please. {via InteriorDesignHits}

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