Creative Chandeliers

I was looking at AOL this evening (waiting for Trick or Treaters - which so far has just meant watching the World Series and eating candy in my PJ's) and ran across this gem of a chandelier... just the treat made of treats I wanted to see! Entirely made of gummi bears...

It got me thinking what other crazy chandeliers might exist out there. And there were some CRAZY ones I came across, but I actually really like the design aesthetic of all of these winners below:

This monstrosity is made of the thing every man would fear. Yep. It's a whole bunch of tampons. 

I know it's not really a DIY, made from unique materials, but I love this chandelier and would have it hanging in my office any day!

Pretty great for a designers office - epson ink cartridges.

For the music lover... a lamp made from old gramophones. 

Plastic hangers. Not so sure how this just doesn't melt. 

Paper clips. Brilliant. 

Light bulbs!

Not that I'm a total Apple-head (ok maybe I am - but I don't hate a PC!) But you have to appreciate their materials and clean lines - even in their packaging. This is made from all Apple material styrofoam. Even their garbage looks good!


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